"Deep Winter Rejuvenation in Process" Dec 12th-19th

Dear Beloved,

 We are settling into this winter season more well adjusted than past years, many still feeling the lasting energies of this last full moon of 2022. This powerful energy is gifting us with the continued clarity of why we are here on the Earth plane at this most auspicious time in our Human History. Most are now in review of not only this year but the last three years in particular. What we have been internally shifting, we are now ready to fully embrace this metamorphosis of self.

This shedding process has been one of truly letting go of the ego self and the programs that kept us repeating the karmic loop of suffering. Ultimately the Collective has and will continue to clear the Patriarchal patterns that enslaved us for thousands of years. Most will feel a new sense of freedom that will be noticeable on all levels of being.

As we close out this year, many will notice that there will be things that you no longer feel attached too, no longer feel guilty, no longer feel responsible for. You are free to choose how you wish to participate and engage in this new experience. The life you came here to live will be full of love and abundance.

The energy this week as we begin with the 12/12 Portal day aligning with our truth and freedom, to release anything that is not supporting our dreams and visions for this next chapter will dissolve from our existence. The energy leading up to the Winter Solstice will be powerful and transformative for everyone. This time is to be celebrated with your loved ones and cherish how far you have come. We are all together in this as One New Earth Family. 

Thank you, for your trust, faith and the beautiful Light that you shine from your Heart, we have successfully reached our highest vibration and maintained our New Earth Frequency. This is a miraculous time and I for one am so honoured to be here to witness this shift for Humanity and to be part of our greatest ever evolutionary process.

Be gentle on yourself and others as we navigate these next steps together. We are here for the teardown, redesign and rebuild of our new existence. Let's all come together with all that we are and create Love and Peace for generations still to come. 

Blessings for this Season of Cheer, Love & Compassion,

Love Always,

Rainbow xxx 





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