"Final Resolutions for 2022" December 5th-11th

Dear Beloveds,

What a Year of Transformation and Growth we have experienced on this Earth plane. Here we are already at the end of this year with so much to look forward to for 2023. We can be so proud of where we have landed in our life review and know that we have learned so much about our journey and why we are here in this Human form, which we have fully accepted. WE are here now to usher in the Birth of the New Earth. We are here to witness this amazing shift and be the Light Houses for the rest of Humanity at this time.

We have cleared our linages, our old beliefs and programs that have kept us small and obedient. We have been rising from within for a while now and the amount of light that is shinning on the planet now is so brilliant and so very clear that everyone is starting to take notice of this change in our nature. The Blue sky is more clear and the stars are shinning more brightly in the night sky too. Our Inner light is shinning through us into the world. We are not afraid to shine bright anymore for there is nothing to fear.

The narrative will  try and try to bring us down, but it is not working anymore as they no longer hold the power over us. We are more powerful as we have Truth and our hearts and souls are now guiding us home to the beginning of our true existence. We will come together in Unity Consciousness and be One Family.  

This week will be a powerful one with the last Full moon of this year on Dec 7th. This Full Moon in Gemini will shine very bright against the cold dark night sky. Gifting us this last resolution to dissolve the things that are not alignment with our truth and soul expression to fall away into the fire. Hold tight to your beautiful soft and gentle hearts as they will fill with joy and blessings. The energies of the Winter Solstice will begin to flow in giving way to waves of happiness and freedom in our hearts as we begin to gather in our tribes. 

We will remember this magical time in our History for a very long time. WE are creating new stories to tell to pass on to the next generations of Humanity. What a wild ride this Human journey has been, I personally can't wait to recount this amazing journey we have been on together.

The energies may be static at times, allow yourselves to ride these waves with ease and grace, we are so worthy of the countless blessings that are waiting for us.

Please be gentle and kind to your beautiful hearts and Have a Wonderful Holiday Season with those you Love. Remember we are finding new ways to share and Love one another. 

Thank you for your Light and Soul and Beautiful Hearts,

Many Blessings and Love to You and Yours,

Love Rainbow xxx




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