"We Have Reached the Peak" Dec 26th-Jan 2nd/2023

Dear Ones,

Wishing you a blessed Holiday Season, and the turning of the wheel as we step into 2023. We have all been riding many waves of ascension and evolving into a new way of being on Earth. Since the Solstice, and new moon Dec 23rd, we have been feeling many emotions and releasing old beliefs and old patterns. Recognizing them as they come to the surface, to be let go. Many of you may have noticed that you felt differently about the pressures of the Christmas gathering. It does not carry the same charge as it once did. 

As we wind down 2022 and all take a Big Exhale, we can reflect on a year for the History books, one of great change and revealing of truth. We can all agree that this year was fast and furious. One where most felt the great squeeze to uncomfortable growth. This year of Transition was so necessary for what is our next Phase for New Earth to be actualized for All.

We have reached a new level of Consciousness and Awareness to put our missions into focus and come together for our New Earth Frequency to continue to raise. Many will continue to receive many upgrades and downloads for the activations to be set in motion. The Peak has been reached and we are now more adapt to the energies that have cleared us of our dark past. We have risen above the old narrative and claimed our Sovereignty.

This week of clearing up and clearing out the old from your home, your energy and your hearts will be top of mind. Spending time in nature will be very beneficial and eating good clean food as well. Setting good boundaries will also be beneficial for this nest week as we are setting intentions and the tone for this new year.

Sending many blessings and good wishes for this new and magical year that we are about to welcome in with open hearts and Love your people in their waking to Our New Earth, Unity Consciousness.

Take care of Yourselves!!

Love Rainbow xxx


Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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